"Compare++ looks really great and promising. Especially toward smart code diff which is, IMHO, a killer feature for any developer."

--by Laurent, a developer

What Compare++ can do Download Compare++
Download Compare++ 3.0.1b (OS X), 3.0.1b (Linux x64)
  • Syntax-aware structured comparison and 3way merge for C/C++, Java, C#, Javascript, CSS, ...
  • Ignore comment, formatting, white-space and case changes
  • Unique ability to align or ignore moved sections such as C++ function, Java namespace, C# method, CSS selector, ...
  • Compare two folders at high speed and display results side by side
  • Easily integrate into SCM such as Microsoft TFS, SVN, Git, Perforce, SourceSafe and IDE as Android Studio, Eclipse, Visual Studio, ...
  • Generate snapshot, unified diff report with HTML or text format
  • Video... more details...

Compare File

Compare Folder

3way merge

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Customized services

In addition to providing Compare++, Coode Software also offers customized services to users around the world who has personalized request about comparison service.

For instance, you want to compare some files with specific format, establish a regression test system in which batched results can be compared with the golden automaticially, or other needs that current comparison tool cannot meet.

If you need the service, please contact us by email support@coodesoft.com.

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