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Notee is a FREE note utility which can auto sync all notes to Notee server.

Notee is the easiest way to record, store, manage and sync your notes online and cross multiple platforms. Suppport image and attachment.

The desktop client is so easy to learn. After log in, you can freely write notes, all of which will be auto backed up to remote Notee server. And then you can access your notes anywhere.

And it's open source. You may get its source code from here(desktop, android).

Web Site:


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CompareEnter is a FREE Visual Studio add-in.

Through CompareEnter, Comparing files or the containing folders are loaded in Visual Studio by using Compare++, or other external comparison application such as Winmerge, etc.

Latest Version

For Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010

Ver Release Time Size Release Notes Download
1.2 2010-10-12 614KB

Compare active file with...;

Compare selected text with...;

Compare containing folder with...;



Main Menu

CompareEnter Main Menu

Options, format: "compare tool path" %1 %2

CompareEnter Option

Context Menu

CompareEnter In context Menu


Shortcutor logo

Shortcutor is FREE shortcuts management utility for Windows platform. The handy software supports shortcuts to adjust system volume, mute, multi-media keys, run desktop applications or open a website. And also you can use it to forcely shut down or reboot your computer.

In addition to build-in shortcuts, you can also add custom keys to any application on computer.

Latest Version

For Windows XP/Vista/7 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Ver Release Time Size Release Notes Download
1.9 2013-10-6 2.95MB Put expired time to 2016. >>


Shortcutor screenshot


Snapshotor logo

Snapshotor is very handy FREE screen capture utility for multiple platform. Quick to capture a part or full screen; edit and save snapshot just as Microsoft Paint; option to auto-save snapshot to clipboard or file; support customizing some options such as hotkeys ...

Latest Version

  For Windows XP/Vista/7 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Ver Release Time Size Release Notes Download
2.3 2015-3-16 12.5MB

Support multiple monitors,

Improve shadow,

Support auto start and shortcut on Mac.


  For Mac OS X Lion

Ver Release Time Size Release Notes Download
2.3 2015-3-16 9.2MB Ditto. >>

  For Ubuntu 14.04

Note: Launch the application by double click "Snapshotor 2.4" on "/usr/share/applications".

Ver Release Time Size Release Notes Download
2.4 2015-11-8 13.6MB Ditto. >>


Main window

Snapshotor screenshot

Capture and edit screen

Snapshotor screenshot