Integrate Compare++ into Microsoft Team Fundation Server

Through a very simple command line interface, Compare++ can integrate into many version control systems such as TFS(Microsoft Team Fundation Server), TortoiseSVN/ CVS, SourceOffSite and so on.

Here, take TFS for instance to step by step demo how to use Compare++ as their comparison tool.

1. Open Visual Studio, and click menu "Tools -> Options..." to open Options dialog

2. Select "Source Control -> Visual Studio Team Foundation Server", and click "Configure User Tools..."

3. Click "Add..." on Configure User Tools dialog;

4. Fill in the following forms:

As compare tool in TFS

Argument%1 %2 /backup_left_file

In the above table, option /backup_left_file is introduced in 2.15 to save temporary TFS file which can fix some unnecessary problems when comparing multiple files in one instance of the application.

As merge tool in TFS

Argument/base %3 /their %1 /mine %2 /merged %4

Up to now, the configuration has been finished, you can compare two files through the following steps:

1. Right click file name in TFS and click "Compare...";

2. Select source and target file paths;

Now, the comparison results can be shown in launched Compare++.