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Quantity Price
1~49 $29.95/user
50+ $19.95/user
Unlimited(Company) $2999/license

All pricing shown above is in US dollars and the quantity discounts can be available when you purchase Per-User License for multiple users at once.

And also, for some big companies, a Company License without any quantity limit is also provided. With it, you can save more money than Per-User license.


(i) Per-User License (Personal)

A Per-User License may be purchased for one or a specific quantity of users. Each user may be either (a) a person who has access to the software on any number of computers including company machines, or (b) a computer on which the software will be installed for use by any number of persons, one at a time.

(ii) Company License

A Company License may be purchased by a company for all employees around the world. Upon the Company License, each employee of the company is granted to use the software and each company computer is granted to install the software for use by any person.

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