Command Line Interface

Through command line interface, Compare++ can easily integrate with other products such as version control system.

1. For 2way compare, the parameter format is:

Compare++ "%1" "%2"

E.g. for comparing file,

Compare++.exe "left file path name" "right file path name"

For comparing folder,

Compare++.exe "left folder path name" "right folder path name"

2. For 3way merge, the command line interface and options as follow:

-b, /b, or /base: specify base file path

-t, /t, or /their: specify their file path

-i, /i, or /mine: specify my file path

-m, /m, or /merged: specify to-save merged file path, optional

For example

Compare++.exe /b "base_file" /t "their_file" /i "my_file" /m "merged_file"

Or don't specify merge file name in order to directly use my file name as merged file name.

Compare++.exe /b "base_file" /t "their_file" /i "my_file"

Compare++ also support to directly list file names. In order,

Compare++.exe "base_file" "their_file" "my_file" "merged_file"

3. Other options:

-output_unified_diff, or /output_unified_diff: generate unified diff report for file or folder comparison and will auto open the report file, optional

-unified_diff_file "file_path", or /unified_diff_file "file_path": specify the unified diff report file, used with "-output_unified_diff" and will not auto open, optional

-automation, or /automation: Using it with "-output_unified_diff", Compare++ can run in no GUI mode to generate unified diff, optional

For example, for reporting the comparison result between two folders, the command line interface could be

Compare++.exe -output_unified_diff -unified_diff_file "report.txt" -automation "left folder path name" "right folder path name"

-bk, /bk, or /backup_left_file: when comparing two files specified in command line, auto backup the left file which is useful when using Compare++ in Microsoft TFS, work on 2.15 and later, optional

-h, /h, or /history: add the specified file name into history list, optional

-c, /c, or /compare_to_clipboard: compare the first specified file with the text in clipboard, optional