About us

Coode Software is a software developement studio founded in 2008. Our studio is committed to developing best coding and system utilities.

Compare++ is a visual language-aware file comparison tool tailored for programmers and web developers.

Edit++ is a handy code editor and image previewer, which strong support HTML, json, XML and other program languages.

CompareEnter is a FREE Visual Studio add-in. It can call external comparison application to compare files opened in Visual Studio and the containing folders.

Shortcutor is a FREE shortcuts management utility for Windows platforms. It can manage custom shortcuts to run desktop application.

Snapshotor is a FREE capture screen utility for Windows platforms.

Notee is a FREE note utility which is easy to use and can auto sync all notes to Notee Server.

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OEM Integration

Coode Software provides OEM integration opportunities for cooperation with Integrated Development Environment(IDE), File Management, Version Control and other related systems.

If you are interested, please directly contact us by email sales@coodesoft.com.


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